A Great Beginning

The Scene – Sitting at a red light at the intersection of Cross Street (Route 1) and Main Street (Route 123) in Norwalk. One of my favorite lunch spots, Nicholas Roberts sits vacant over my left shoulder. On the northeast corner a converted Meineke Shop with a hand-made sign indicating it was now a CT Inspection site (I thought we did away with those). But there was something calling me into the lot, a brightly painted food truck…and a good number of customers eating and ordering at its side window.

The Decision- Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut and give into temptation. So I pulled in, approached the truck and looked at the menu…Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos and Tortas. I looked at all of the plates that the others were enjoying and they were overwhelmingly tacos, and it appeared that four occupied each plate. Go with the flow… so I ordered beef, pork, tongue and head, all for $7. Included in the price were a small container of green sauce, a few lime wedges and a whole Jalapeño pepper.

The Product- The tacos were the standard size served by Taco trucks, probably 4” in diameter, and the amount of filling was varied, from scant to reasonable, but they were each $1.50-$2.00. There were two in which the meat was sautéed with spices and two in which the meat was first sautéed and then lightly coated with a red sauce. All were topped with chopped onion and cilantro. I poured a little green sauce on each.

The Results – I’ll be honest, I could not truly tell which taco was which meat. I first sampled the two un-sauced tacos. I think the first was beef. It was very bland, no spice, no seasoning…I was not impressed. The other plain was probably the tongue, it delivered a little spice and I liked the texture of the meat, very soft. I moved to the red-sauced tacos and my earlier disappointment turned to happiness. These offered a good level of spice, the pungency of the onions had a partner and the cilantro added a good accompaniment.

As a first visit I was pretty pleased. Next time will order a few of the other items.

Tacos El Azteca – Cross & Main Streets – Norwalk, CT – 203-957-2029

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